JCI Belgium starts a new project: TOYP 2018. Edith Patron (JCI The Heart of Europe), project leader of the TOYP project on national level of JCI Belgium, explains to Europa.blog what this project is about.

Europa.blog: What does it mean TOYP and why are you organizing it?

Edith Patron: For decades, Junior Chamber International (JCI) has been recognizing individuals from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 40 for their outstanding contribution towards the betterment of society through the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards program.

The TOYP Awards program remains the official program at an international level and is a very effective one. This year JCI Belgium took a proactive approach in recognizing the fact that, if we are to truly encourage civil society, world & business leaders to seriously take into consideration the Global Goals in their actions and strategies, then due visibility is required.

We believe that there are many inspiring individuals out there who, consciously or unconsciously, are working actively towards achieving these goals. This awards program remains within the spirit of the TOYP program and hence nominees would still have the chance to be recognized internationally.

JCI Belgium wants to contribute in this program, to promote our Belgian TOYP’s, as we find it really important, that Belgium takes part in this outstanding project.

Lif and follow our Facebook page if you want to stay informed: https://www.facebook.com/Toypjcibelgiumprojectteam/

And this is the link to the event page:


Europa.blog: When is this event being held?

Edith Patron: The event will be held on the 21st April 2018, after the General Assembly of JCI Belgium. The location is still undecided, be we are looking for a central location, easily reachable for everyone.

Europa.blog: What kind of people are you searching for? What are the criteria to apply?

Edith Patron: Every Belgian or somebody who has been living in Belgium for 10 years at least can apply for this program. The applicant doesn’t need to be a JCI member but should be between 18 and 40 years old. For more information, visit http://www.jci.be/toyp/

Europa.blog: what are the categories?

Edith Patron: An applicant can apply in one of these categories:

  • Impactful Politics Award
  • Impactful Reporter Award
  • Healthy lifestyle and wellbeing Award
  • The SDG Conscious Artist Award
  • The SDG Conscious Technology Award
  • Environmental Sustainability Award
  • Quality Education Award
  • The Outstanding Young Active Citizen Award
  • The Human Rights Award
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Award

Each categorie is described on our website!

The deadline for the pre-entries is February 15th 2018, the deadline for the complete nomination form is 28th of February.

All applications need to be sent to the official email address: info@jci.be

Europa.blog: How will JCI Belgium  proceed to reach out to their members for help?

Edith Patron: We will have our General Assembly on the 19th of January in Charleroi, where we’ll ask our chapters for their help. Naturally, we hope that each president of Belgium will show interest to promote our project in their area.

Each president will get a pack of folders during the GA itself by our office, and we will send them a Powerpoint Presentation, which we would like them to present their GA in their own area. Afterwards, we hope that members of their chapters help us too to find our outstanding TOYP, as only together we can be strong. We count on each member’s help!

Europa.blog: What can a member do to help here?

Edith Patron:

  1. They can speak with this outstanding person and motivate him/her to apply
  2. If it’s necessary, they should help candidates to send in their application
  3. Show them they are special and they are doing great things!

Europa.blog: That’s great! We wish you a lot of success organizing this event! And thank you very much for answering our questions.

Edith Patron: Thank you very much!


Get more information on TOYP2018 by the video below

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