By Manel Msalmi, Brussels

There are so many developed countries around the world like the UK, US, and Japan, or France which reward citizens for their huge efforts in fighting against corruption or preserving the environment as well as driving safely or walking and cycling.

For the first time in Gulf and Arab countries, United Arab Emirates Launches the “National behavioral Rewards Program”. It ought to be noted that the UAE has come back to traditional life and has even been ready to prove itself stronger than before the crisis.

The program is one in all the initiatives of the behavioral Rewards Department of the Ministry of Opportunities to support and implement the National behavioral Rewards Policy Framework and Model, and also the initial behavioral science program that focuses on the subsequent key pillars: fatherland, society, family, health, sport, nutrition…

The National behavioral Rewards Program aims to encourage positive behavior through points. this is often a bequest system that may be used for presidency service payments.

The national behavioral rewards program was launched because the initial comprehensive program supported a positive standard of living, because it has been the case in many countries together with Singapore wherever the reward system is predicated on job search through specialized centers, that has had an impact on reducing the percentage within the country, China that conjointly offers a discount on government services for law-abiding voters furthermore as within the US where voters will get pleasure from money rewards and discounts on health services. Under the program cans for cash, the US encourages can recycling. The program offers prizes ranging from 5000 $ to 10000 $ for communities that are engaged in this project. In the UK and Sweden, the government offers incentives like cash prizes and shopping vouchers. Likewise, the UAE believes that positive citizenship is the key element in building a developed society in an attempt to have a better life and achieving the well-being of citizens.

Titelbild: Frontalunterricht by Oliver Tacke CC0 1.0 via FlickR