The left-wing European political foundation Transform! Europe is providing an information platform on the 2024 European elections entitled ‘Europe through the eyes of the left’. The platform is available in English.

The website states:

Europe through the left lens will reveal how the political landscape in each member state seems in the view of the EP elections, what is the balance of forces, which are the hot topics that dominate the political debate, how does the electoral campaigning look like and the projected outcomes. The state of the European left forces holds considerable importance for the Observatory, alongside any political alliances that may form in the lead-up to the ballot.

The culmination of the Left-Wing Observatory of the EP Elections will involve a comprehensive analysis of the European election results and the new five-year institutional cycle that unfolds. What implications will this cycle hold for the European people, and where does it position the European left? What does the near future hold for Europe? transform! europe is dedicated to fostering unity among left-wing forces in Europe and around the globe.

During the election days (6 to 9 June 2024), the platform will show an interactive map of the European Union, on which the current status of each EU member state can be called up. All information on the election results is available there, from the first exit polls to the final official results.

[Updated on 30 May 2024]

Featured image: Jörg Lohrer CC BY 2.0 DEED via FlickR

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