Manel Mselmi, Blogger and human rights activist (Paris)

The Iran uprising is the result of the People’s will to change the oppressive and  the authoritative regime of the mohallas with a moderate and well-balanced one, a regime which guarantees  freedom and gender equality to women.

Who can make a change better than the female leader Maryam Rajavi who has been struggling so many years after her husband’s death? Maryam Rajavi, the iranian iron lady is the real alternative for a better future in Iran.

Saturday 30th, the  annual gathering of Iranian communities took place in Paris entitled “Free Iran Paris 2018,The alternative “. The congress gathered around 25.000 people who came to show support to the opposition mouvement together with high level speakers from around the world. Rudi Giuliani, former mayor of New York and attorney to president Trump demonstrated that the American administration is behind the people who are yearning for democracy and freedom, “it was the case with The Arab Spring and it will be the same with the Iranian one”. The stance of Giuliani was later supported by president Trump who confirmed that the US administration will help bring down Khamenei.

French former minister of foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner underlined the need to replace the tyrannical regime with another alternative of democracy. Belgian deputy David clarinval came with a document signed by so many belgian deputy members to support the movement of resistance in Iran, and last but not least female leaders from France, columbia, India, US Portugal and Argentina showed their solidarity with Iranian women.

Former human rights French secretary Rama Yade said that she wants to pay tribute to women who have been protesting for 6 months in the streets and in the stadiums and put off their veil to free  themselves from the oppressive regime. She added “I am sure change Will come from Iran because the country belongs To its people”.

The success of the congress made of it a real threat to the mohallas’ regime. It is not surprising to know today that an attack had been foiled thanks to the Belgian authorities who arrested a Belgian couple of Iranian descent who planified a terrorist attack in Paris during the Congress. The regime in power is afraid of the impact of Almoujahidine and Maryam Rajavi’s resistance movement on Iranian people. The Iranian spring will be coming very soon thanks to women and young people who seem to be ready for change.

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