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Here writes Manel Mselmi. She is an activist, teacher and journalist from Brussels.

08 08 07 2018

Erdogan’s election and the role of the Turkish diaspora in Europe

By |2018-07-08T11:26:17+00:0008-07-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Politik, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Brussels / Belgium Turkey has issued a special decree which gives some new powers to the president, a change which limits the prime minister and the government's power and gives the president the ability to appoint vice presidents and parliamentary officials. Erdogan's triumph in the elections [...]

02 02 07 2018

Iranian regime is ready for change

By |2018-07-03T00:18:31+00:0002-07-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Menschenrechte, Politik, Start|0 Comments

Manel Mselmi, Blogger and human rights activist (Paris) The Iran uprising is the result of the People's will to change the oppressive and  the authoritative regime of the mohallas with a moderate and well-balanced one, a regime which guarantees  freedom and gender equality to women. Who can make a change [...]

29 29 05 2018

Macron’s visit to Russia: Towards resolving Syria Crisis according to Khatab

By |2018-05-30T23:36:00+00:0029-05-2018|Autoren, EU, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Politik, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris French president Emmanuel Macron 's visit To Russia aims to put in place new initiatives concerning the Iran deal, Syria and Ukraine despite the fact that there are so many conflicts between Moscow and the west. Syria crisis is one of the main hot topics that [...]

05 05 05 2018

The “Ghriba” Pilgrimage in Djerba sends a message of Peace to the world

By |2018-05-06T13:49:25+00:0005-05-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Gesellschaft | Kultur, Manel Mselmi, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Brussels The Jewish pilgrimage of the "Ghriba" was a success this year with the support of the Tunisian government together with the presence of highly important people. The island of Djerba hosts the most ancient Synaguogue in Africa which goes back to the 19th century. Thousands of [...]

02 02 04 2018

“Maskan Expo” in Paris, towards boosting the econony and the tourism industry in Tunisia.

By |2018-04-03T01:57:05+00:0002-04-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris From March 31st to April 2nd, a huge fair on "Real estate and finance banking" named "Maskan Expo" was held in Paris in order to inform the Tunisian diaspora as well as Europeans about the precious opportunities to acquire housing or buy fields and make [...]

29 29 03 2018

Is he the new leader of Free Syria after Bachar ?

By |2018-03-30T23:26:01+00:0029-03-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Politik, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris Seven years ago, the Arab Spring took place in several Arab countries and had different impact on the lives of people especially in Syria in which so many people lost their homes and families and fled to Europe with a hope to find peace and stability. Syria [...]

26 26 03 2018

The first international Forum of Muslims in France condemns terrorism and fights against antisemitism

By |2018-03-27T13:58:40+00:0026-03-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Gesellschaft | Kultur, Manel Mselmi, Politik, Start|2 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris March 24th and 25th, an international forum took place in Palais des Congrès in Paris in which so many exhibitors, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and artists gather around to speak about the challenges and the reforms of Islam in France. The first day started with observing a minute [...]

18 18 03 2018

Imam Hassen Chalghoumi won the “Brotherhood” prize in the French Senate

By |2018-03-18T23:04:57+00:0018-03-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Gesellschaft | Kultur, Manel Mselmi, Städte | Regionen, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris Thursday March 15th, the imam Hassen Chalghoumi was rewarded "le prix de la Fraternité" for his efforts during the previous years as a peace activist and a man working on establishing a dialogue between the different religious communities as well as fighting against [...]

15 15 03 2018

Qatari director of the government communication office Al Thani leaves the panel before the debate starts

By |2018-03-17T21:48:09+00:0015-03-2018|Autoren, Featured Article, Manel Mselmi, Politik, Start|0 Comments

By Manel Mselmi, Paris Yesterday March 14th , an international conference took place in Paris in an attempt to ease the tension in the middle East and particularly in the gulf region. The conference was organised by the famous French media "opinion Internationale" and entitled "Getting out of the Gulf [...]

07 07 02 2018

Imam Hassen Chalghoumi: Leben unter ständiger Bedrohung und die Verteidigung eines reformierten Islam

By |2018-02-07T00:12:09+00:0007-02-2018|Autoren, Gesellschaft | Kultur, Manel Mselmi, Menschenrechte, Start|0 Comments

Von Manel Mselmi, Paris (For English version please click here!) Imam Hassen Chalghoumi, der Präsident der Konferenz der Imame in Frankreich, ist aufgrund seines Mutes und seines Eintretens für eine moderate Version des Islam und aufgrund seiner Aufgeschlossenheit gegenüber jüdischen und christlichen Gemeinden in der westlichen Welt sehr geschätzt. Aber [...]

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